Meditation for Your Sacral Chakra

Meditation for Your Sacral Chakra

This has been a rough week for me.  I’ve been dealing with stress from work, stress from a non-relationship, and to top it all off depressing, rainy, Seattle weather as it’s only March and we’ve already surpassed the amount of rainfall we’re supposed to get for the entire year (and boy do I believe it).

I was feeling stuck.  I was doing tarot readings, interpreting my dreams, trying to keep an eye and ear out for signs from my guides but ultimately, I wasn’t being told to act on anything.  Just sit, wait, and contemplate.  Which of course was driving me crazy! Trying to be still and listen to my intuition did nothing to help all of the emotions that were still going on inside of me.

Thinking about the signs I was exhibiting – neediness, codependency, being overly attached – I discovered that it appeared my sacral chakra could use some retuning. Here is an easy meditation to get yours back on track too:


  • An orange crystal or stone.  In this case, I used citrine.
  • Orange essential oil. (If you have it, a diffuser as well).
  • A yoga mat or blanket to lay on.
  • Meditation music (optional).

First, prepare for your meditation by lightly dipping a finger into the orange essential oil, and dabbing it onto your upper lip or just under your nose.  You should be able to smell the oil without being overpowered by it.  I also put a couple of drops in my oil diffuser that stayed in the room with me while I meditated.

Next, lie on your back.  While remaining on your back, open your legs into a butterfly pose. Adjust in whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable but also remember that as you meditate your body will move into the position.  So at first, my back did feel a bit tight, but by the end of the meditation it felt completely fine and in fact it was probably a good stretch for it.   Of course, you know your body the best so be your own guide, keeping in mind that the key with this pose is to open up your hips.

After you’re situated, place your orange/yellowish colored stone on your sacral chakra.  This is located about 1-2 inches under your belly button.  I found it most effective to hold the stone there through the meditation with my palms in a bit of a triangle shape.

Now, just breathe in deeply.  Smell the scent of the orange, feel the pressure of the stone on your pelvis.  As you continue to meditate and relax into the position, you will begin to feel energy from the stone radiating throughout your body.

For a deeper meditation, add some visualization.  As suggested, you can visualize an orange lotus over your sacral chakra, or an orange crescent moon.  Whatever feels more natural for you.  For me, it was the moon.

Now, continue to breathe for at least five minutes.  I like to play light, instrumental meditation music and I’ve found that this helps me keep my mind quiet or at least refocus on the meditation when I have become distracted.  If five minutes comes and goes and you are still enjoying the meditation, push yourself to continue another couple of minutes until you feel the time is right to stop.

After you have finished meditating and balancing your sacral chakra, you might notice the effects continue to grow in the following couple of hours.  Yes, I felt immediately calmer and more balanced after my meditation.  My emotions felt better aligned with what my head was thinking.  I felt more confident about the situations that had been troubling me.  But after an hour or so, I also noticed that I began to feel really confident about myself and my own sensuality.  If this happens to you, don’t be surprised.  In addition to many other aspects of your mind and spirit, the sacral chakra is connected to sexuality and intimacy.  So hey, maybe it’s a perfect meditation for date night!

Any other meditations you use to balance your chakras?  I’d love to hear them!  And for more information about your sacral chakra, here’s the resource I used.

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