Tarot Card of the Day: The Hermit

In a society such as ours where extroversion is rewarded and introversion is subtly frowned upon, one might assume The Hermit carries negative connotations with it.  After all, how many times of you heard someone referred to as “a hermit” in a good way? Probably never.

In reality, The Hermit is a very peaceful card but also an important and somewhat serious one.  It can symbolize many things but when I receive I mostly associate it with taking much needed alone time.

This doesn’t mean simply taking some time away to get a massage or take a nap.  When it appears as my card of the day or in a tarot reading, it is most indicative of self-reflection that needs to take place.  Truly taking the time out of your day to be alone without distraction and think about either a dilemma you’ve been ignoring, an emotion you’ve been feeling but haven’t taken the time to unpack, or some centering that could be beneficial through a mindful practice.

Part of my interpretation of The Hermit is a bit of a warning too.  It tells me, “If you don’t take this time for yourself now, the issue you’re either ignoring or not seeing will find a way out later”. Perhaps in a way that’s not as productive or helpful.

When you get The Hermit in your readings, what does it mean to you?

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