Stone Profile: Howlite

“calm is a super power”


Associated Element: N/A
Associated Astrological Signs: Gemini
Associated Chakra: Crown
Colors: White with grey veining.  Reminds me of a type of marble.

Energetic Uses:

  • Deeply calming
  • Opens attunement and receptiveness to wisdom
  • Can be used to aid in learning about past lives
  • Aids for high level communication and energy work

Psychological Uses:

  • Patience
  • Meditation
  • Soothes feelings of tension or anxiety

Physical Uses:

  • Aids with good sleep, combats insomnia
  • Good for relaxing muscle tension
  • Good for bones

Situations it could be helpful in:

  • When placed on third eye during meditation, can assist with gaining insight into past lives
  • Resolves pent up negative feelings that may be caused from subconscious thoughts and memories
  • Overall, a fantastic stone for getting a good nights sleep and getting your mind and body to fully relax and rest

As always, please consult with a professional or medical expert for assessing your personal mental and physical needs.


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