Heart Meditation for Forgiveness

Heart Meditation for Forgiveness

Supplies Needed:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Sage Stick
  • Lighter/Match
  1. Start your meditation by holding a piece of rose quartz.
  2. With the rose quartz in your palm, place both hands over your heart. The rose quartz should now be directly against your chest.
  3. In this position, repeat the mantra “I open my heart to love and forgiveness“* as needed until you begin to truly feel it’s meaning and gain a deeper sense of understanding within your mind and body.
  4. Next, visualize the person you want or need to grant forgiveness to.  This can be difficult. Often times the people we need to grant forgiveness to are the least deserving of it as they are the ones who provided us with the most pain.  After all, that’s why we’re holding on to them and the hurt so tightly. However as well all know, that only damages ourselves and our ability to continue to love others who are deserving.
  5. As you visualize this person, take a moment to feel and tap into their presence. Feel them in the room with you. Feel the energy that emanates from this person or this connection.
  6. Now that you have a strong grasp of the person you wish to grant forgiveness to, begin to visualize them in a white light.
  7. Repeat the mantra, “I surround you in a white light of love and release you into a positive future“* while continuing to hold your rose quartz against your chest and visualizing them in that white light.
  8. Once you feel ready,  it can feel cathartic to end the meditation by cleansing the space, the energy, and your rose quartz of the weight they just carried. Burn dried sage to clear the air and crystal while saying your last mantra of the meditation as you do so, “I cleanse this stone and with it myself, of this pain.”

Now your meditation is done! You should feel lighter and a sense of calm. That isn’t to say that after this meditation you will no longer feel hurt but hopefully, what you do feel is less weighed down by pain. Perhaps you’ll leave it with a clearer head about the situation or person. At best, you might even be able to start feeling compassion towards them and their own hurts that lead to their misdoings onto you.

*Frazier, Karen. Crystals for Healing: the Complete Reference Guide with over 200 Remedies for Mind, Heart & Soul. Althea Press, 2015.

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