A 6-Step Full Moon Ritual

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Growing up, most of us are attracted to the moon in some way. Whether because of folklore, film, or just because of their sheer beauty, full moons in particular are often the most entrancing.

With the evolution of my own spirituality, the importance of the moon has grown exponentially for me. In fact, a close friend remarked to me about actually cancelling plans when she realized they fell on the same night as this month’s full moon and I have to say, I would probably do the same thing. That’s because a night with a full moon is bursting full of  pure, spiritual energy. For me, that means I use the day and evening of a full moon for rituals and in a sense, a metaphysical tune-up for myself to prepare for the month ahead.

Here is my 6-step full moon ritual:

1. I clean my ritual space

The place where I feel the most comfortable and practice the majority of my spirituality is my bedroom. Not everyone is like this, but I find my practices are strongest when the space is clean and decluttered, otherwise it can be hard for me to concentrate. As such, I use the full moon as a monthly “spring cleaning” of sorts by making sure things are put away and even taking the time to sweep and dust.

2. I cleanse and recharge my stones

Because I start my full moon ritual in the daytime, it gives me the opportunity to not only cleanse my most commonly used crystals with sage, but to also recharge most of those crystals in daylight as well. This allows the stones to be extra strong for any meditations or prayers I’ll do in the evening.

3. I sage and bless my space

Once my space is clean physically, I like to make sure it’s clean energetically as well. After all, think of all the emotions a bedroom goes through in a month! As such, I cleanse the space with sage and say a prayer as I circle it around the room. My personal mantra is, “Cleanse this space of that which does not serve us anymore, to make space for the new energy that does.” But a prayer can be completely unique to whatever your needs are at the time. I often find my prayers shifting between each lunar cycle.

4. I cleanse myself

Baths are the most ancient form of cleansing the body and with the power of the earth, they can be immensely restorative. By this time, I have a sense of what my goals for the next lunar cycle will be so I try to place crystals that correspond with those goals into my bath as well. If I’m in need of forgiveness or a heart clearing, I might mix in rose quartz and howlite. If I’m in need of focus and career development, I might add tiger’s eye and goldstone. Whatever my needs are, a bath mixed with Epson salt and/or essential oils that also coincide with your goals, a boring bath instead becomes a pool for rebirth.

5. I write down a list of my goals for the new cycle

You can also do this during a new moon, although the format would differ slightly. Personally, I see a new moon as setting intentions perhaps physically but also in large part, energetically. With a full moon, I try to keep the list to tangible goals that I am in control of. I also try to keep them very actionable so instead of “Get a new job” I might instead say, “Retain focus to find the right opportunity for me.” Once I’ve written my list out, I place it on the window sill to sit in the full moonlight while I sleep.

6. Lastly, I conjure a spell

In reality, a spell and a prayer are really quite interchangeable. The only difference being that a spell might have a couple more props which will be a whole other blog post, so stay tuned! Regardless, now that the energy of yourself and your space are at their absolute cleanest it’s the perfect time to set your positive goals and intentions into motion. Whether you’re religious or not, there’s a power in speaking your wants out loud to both yourself and the universe.

With these steps you should be all geared up to take advantage of the next full moon! Do you have any rituals of your own for the lunar cycle?

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