4 Natural Ingredients to Add To Bath Time

4 Natural Ingredients to Add to Bath Time

At least once a month, I return to my childhood roots and draw myself a bath. Typically, it’s part of my ritual to bring in the New Moon but even prior to me tapping into my spirituality, I was big on bath time.  Taking a stroll through stores like Bath & Body Works, it’s obvious I’m not alone. While there are millions of products that cater to this, many of them are full of fragrances and synthetic ingredients. This isn’t necessarily negative, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the natural ingredients that can still work wonders for your bath time too.

1. Essential Oils

While we might be used to filling our baths with good smelling bath bombs, bubble bath, and other potent mixtures, have you ever considered opting for something more simplistic? A few drops of a quality essential oil in your bath is not only natural, but it also is a direct method that contrasts other products that may be diluted with ingredients used to preserve shelf life.  This also provides the opportunity to be intentional with what you’re putting into your bath water such as using lavender oil to relax or rose oil to focus on your heart chakra.

Another trick I’ve learned recently, is to prep for your bath 15 minutes ahead of time by dabbing an essential oil mixture onto your body. Primarily so that it hits the base of your neck and/or spine. After the oil has had a chance to sink in, whatever is left over will then become a part of your bath water and won’t go to waste!

It’s important to note, however, not all essential oils are meant to gain access to your entire body. Double check if your oil is safe to use in the bath, especially if it’s a spice or mint.

This local Washington vendor makes some of my favorite oil concoctions.

2. Crystals

The first time I used crystals in my bath I’ll be honest, I felt a little cheesy.  But I can honestly say that adding them to my bathwater completely changes the game. On a spiritual level, I’ve left a bath full of quartz, howlite, and angelite feeling serene and relaxed. I’ve also left a bath full of rose quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, and malachite feeling confident and sexy. At the very least, they’re a pretty accessory to add to your bath.

That being said, it’s important to place your crystals in your bath before you start filling it up so that they don’t crack from being suddenly dropped into the heat. If you place them in the tub first, they’ll slowly acclimate as the water changes from cool to warm. Plus, it give them some extra time to soak in the water before you get in.

3. Flower Petals

Herbs and plants are used very commonly in various spells and rituals. So of course, why wouldn’t we want to add that earthly, pure energy to the bath as well? Most recently, I added fresh rose petals to my bath as a part of my full moon ritual and it was lovely. Initially, I had considered running to the grocery store to grab some fresh flower and then realized that perhaps this opened the door to a great opportunity to literally, stop and smell the roses. So instead, I gathered a flower here and there on my walk home from work. Not only did I end up with roses that were as fresh as could be, but I also got a unique experience seeing the world around me and all the flowers I was surrounded by that I’d never noticed before.

4. Salt

There are different types of salts you can use depending on what your goal is. Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt are my top recommendations for their natural healing properties (as opposed to going straight to synthetic bath salts). Natural salt in your bath will assist with physical pain but can also be beneficial for spiritual healing as well. For example, pink Himalayan salt in particular is great when you’re using your bath to attract love or recharge your heart chakra.

At the end of the day, this is your time to spend how you want. Whether you throw in a bath bomb or a few flower petals, whatever helps you enjoy your time alone (…or with company) is entirely up to you!


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