25 Lessons I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Red wine corks

Having just celebrated my 25th birthday, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned thus far in life that I might not have known 5 or 10 years ago. While there’s wisdom to gain with every year, I think there’s no better way to ring in a quarter of a century than celebrating the life lessons I’ve already learned along the way.

Here’s 25 Lessons I’ve Learned:

  1. No one complains about aging quite like the young do.
  2. Womanhood introduces itself not through periods or sex, but through the reliability of gaining just a little bit of extra weight every year.
  3. Hurt People…hurt people.
  4. Female friendships are priceless…
  5. …housing in Seattle is not.
  6. Family is not excused from healthy boundaries.
  7. 9/10 times the boy will try to come back to the yard. Lock the gate.
  8. The universe is not a genie. It will provide when you prove you can handle what you’re asking for.
  9. There are few things that can’t be solved through food, wine, or crystals.
  10. It’s okay not to be invited to everything.
  11. It’s okay not to invite everyone to everything.
  12. Being strong feels better than being skinny.
  13. Don’t make assumptions.
  14. Don’t take things personally.
  15. You don’t have to live your life according to other people’s labels.
  16. There is so much conflict that can be solved by simply saying “You hurt my feelings.”
  17. Trust your intuition.
  18. Don’t waste time with people you don’t trust.
  19. Life’s too short to spend it in unhappy spaces.
  20. Most people are genuinely trying their best.
  21. Don’t let the fear of a reaction keep you from speaking the truth.
  22. The people you respect and love aren’t always right.
  23. It’s okay to say no.
  24. Don’t over invest in other people’s drama.
  25. You never know who or what will change your life. Say yes to the next adventure.

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