How to Manifest a New Job


I had been applying to jobs for months. I’d get a phone screen here and there, but was rarely making it to the next round. When I did, I would study my butt off preparing for the interview, looking into who I’d be speaking with, and learning about the organization. Yet, even with hard work I wasn’t getting any offers. Over time, I was feeling defeated, frustrated, and losing hope. I knew how important attitude was when attempting to manifest something as important as this, and yet it was becoming harder and harder to stay positive while continuing to work in a toxic space.

This all came to a head when yet another rejection finally brought me to tears. I knew I was qualified for these roles, I knew I could do a great job, no, I knew I could do the best job if someone would just give me a chance! I begged and cried to my spirit guides, I surged with anger, then defeat, then anger again. And then, after feeling sorry for myself for a little bit… I decided enough was enough. It was time to rid myself of the emotions that weren’t serving me anymore and enlist a little metaphysical help.

First and foremost, I needed to clear my energy.

After getting rejected time after time for several months, it was only natural that I wasn’t vibrating at the highest of frequencies. I had gotten into a bit of a toxic rut. I was feeling discouraged, pretty hopeless, and at the same time somewhat entitled. None of these emotions would do any good for bringing a positive opportunity into my life. So I made a list of every single emotion and insecurity I was feeling that was weighing me down. Getting them out of my system and onto paper so they could no longer take up space inside me.

Develop a mantra or set of affirmations.

The long and tedious process of finding a job had allowed for some insecurities to fester. As such, I needed to combat them with affirmations that I would end up returning to time and time again. For me, they were, “I am capable. I am smart. I am worthy. I am wanted”. This mantra came into place several times throughout this process, the first being when I recited it while destroying the list of insecurities I had written out. Now these dark thoughts were out of my system and out of my home completely.

Back up your affirmations.

For me, it wasn’t enough to just say “I am smart”. I wanted to really feel it. So for every affirmation, I wrote a short statement about what made me smart, what made me capable, what made me worthy, and what made me wanted. Once I had done this and all of the above, I could physically feel my energy get lighter. Now that I was a clean slate, I was ready to enlist some extra help.

Try a crystal grid.

This was my first time taking a stab at a crystal grid, and I loved it! There are tons of resources online for making a perfectly symmetrical crystal grid (which I’ve heard is the key), but I chose to wing it a bit instead. I selected crystals known for helping with abundance and work such as garnet, citrine, and others and laid them out in a symmetrical pattern. For an added boost, I wrote my affirmations on a piece of paper and laid this underneath the stones at the center of the grid. I then left it on my altar (aka my kitchen table) for weeks while I applied and interviewed.


Enlist the help of basil.

Did you know that basil is a fantastic herb for bringing money and prosperity? Apparently so! Dried basil leaves are particularly helpful if you stick a couple in your wallet to help bring financial prosperity. As well as that, you can infuse a cup of water with basil leaves. When I headed out for my in-person interviews (I had gotten three once I had started these steps!), I dipped a fingertip in the water and put it where I would normally put perfume to give me a bit of extra luck.

Ultimately, what helped the most was truly resetting myself and my energy. That meant burning sage in my space when I needed to and giving the crystals I was using both at work and in my grid a break to be cleansed and charged. While a new job didn’t manifest overnight, my opportunities did grow. I began to get more phone screens, more in person interviews, and after almost a year of applying to jobs with no luck…I finally received a new job offer within two months of cleansing my energy and enlisting some energetic help.

Lastly, the most important thing is to stay focused on what you want while also keeping an open mind. I had set out on my job search with a very narrow view of what I wanted. My new role fits the general direction I wanted to go in, but it definitely doesn’t check every box I originally had and yet, I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else. Trust that the universe has a plan for you and allow yourself to rise up to the occasion.

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