3 Witchy Ways to Ring in the New Year

3 Witchy Ways to Ring in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. For one, I love any excuse to celebrate which is only rivaled by my love of any excuse to dress up, and New Year’s Eve offers the best of both worlds.

But there’s another reason I love New Year’s Eve. For the same reason I track the new moons that come every month, I love the idea that we can push the restart button and look at the world with a fresh perspective and new goals in mind. For some, that might come in the form of resolutions. For myself, I tend to approach it in a less formalized way.

But this year, I’m also approaching New Year’s Eve with the added bonus of a couple of witchy practices to help close the chapter that is the past year, and bring newfound energy and light to the year ahead. Here are some witchy ways you can try too.

1. A New Year’s Tarot Spread

Biddy’s Tarot’s New Year spread is a great way to see how the passing year has lead you to what will come in the new year. It provided confirmation on the themes I had noticed and been feeling throughout the year but in a holistic and high level way that didn’t get bogged down in the details. It also allowed me to look ahead to the new year I was ringing in which, by the way, wasn’t all sunshine and roses. But by seeing cards such as The Tower pop up in certain areas, I’m going into the new year with tangible things to work on ahead of time before they can manifest and derail my year. You are in control of how your story ends, and doing this spread will help you be that much more prepared to manifest the year you want to have.

New Year Tarot Spread


2. A Little Bit of Candle Magic

I love me some candle magic! Working with candles is so simple and easy but has powerful effects. There’s two ways you can incorporate some light candle magic into preparing for the new year. For starters, you can use it to help with manifesting. After doing a tarot reading like the one above, you can narrow down some goals you want to manifest for the new year. Write each down on a separate sticky note or slip of paper as if it already is. For example, you may write down “I love my job and the work I am doing” if you’re trying to have a more fulfilling career in the new year. For some added energy, I place a crystal that I think will help boost that manifestation even further and I put that on top of the slip of paper. I arrange those manifestations in a circle around a small sized candle such as a tealight. In the tealight, I use a safety pin to inscribe words that symbolize my goals for the new year such as “love”, “growth”, “learning”, and more. Then, I light the candle, let it burn off, and allow it to work it’s magic!

Candle Magic


You could do a similar process, but instead with almost inverse intentions. Instead of writing down what you hope to bring in for the new year, you could instead write down what you want to let go of in the old year. This can be done by journaling, inscribing, and then letting the candle melt away the things that no longer serve you.

It might seem like an identical process for two different results, but it’s all about being intentional. Because you know the work your heart is trying to do, so will the universe.

3. A Good Old Fashioned House Cleansing

If the two steps above are a little too Woo for you, there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned house cleaning. Most of us know that we completely feed off the energy of the space around us. It’s why we love being in certain restaurants, homes, places, etc. Cleaning and organizing your home is a great way to physically begin a restart for the new year. Also, what better feeling is there than waking up January 1st to a beautiful and tidy home? Just remember to sage for the final touch!

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