Stone Profile: Malachite

Stone Profile - Malachite

“When you’ve got nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire”


Associated Element: Earth
Associated Astrological Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn
Associated Chakra: Heart
Colors: Green

Energetic Uses:

  • Stimulates dreams, psychic visions, and visualization
  • Balances heart and naval chakra
  • Reveals that which is blocking spiritual growth

Psychological Uses:

  • Promotes risk-taking and change
  • Helps you express your feelings as well as develop empathy for others
  • Facilitates deep emotional healing, releases blockages that might be holding us back

Physical Uses:

  • Guards against all kinds of radiation including nuclear, guards against air pollutants
  • Aids in menstrual cramps as well as childbirth and as such, has affectionately been coined the “midwife stone”
  • A great stone for female sex organs in general and aids in treating sexual diseases

Situations it could be helpful in:

  • When used for the heart, malachite can be a wonderful stone for balancing the heart chakra, revealing that which might be blocking you from receiving love, and ultimately opening you up to receive unconditional love
  • Malachite is blunt. It will reveal emotions that no longer serve us, perhaps painfully so, but only so we can swiftly move on to healing and openness. This may cause you to feel vulnerable or even realize thoughts and actions that you need to take responsibility for.
  • Helping clean the air in your home if you live in a city or area that has a lot of pollutants.

As always, please consult with a professional or medical expert for assessing your personal mental and physical needs.  Crystals should be used in conjunction with what is recommended by your doctor, not in lieu of.

Malachite is toxic to ingest particularly in its unpolished form. I would avoid using in elixirs, especially while you’re just started to explore crystals.


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  1. Nice post. I make bracelets and I work with lots of stones .came across the malachites recently and I have fallen in love. Made a blog post about it yesterday

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