Start Your Crystal Toolkit with These 5 Stones

Start Your Crystal Toolkit with These 5 Stones

Ah, the beautiful world of crystals! Often the first stop on the average person’s road to the metaphysical, you can find crystals in the most common of places for their combination of affordability, diversity, and beauty. Whether they’re being used to decorate a bookshelf or as an intentional piece of a crystal grid, people everywhere have an appreciate for stones.

Because crystals and stones can be both natural as well as man-made, there are endless varieties. Quartz (rose, clear, tourmaline…) and agates (blue lace, moss, botswana…) are two great examples of how even just one general classification can have dozens and dozens of different crystals that fall into it.

So you know that you’re interested, but where do you begin?

When I first started building my collection I just purchased what was affordable and seemed right – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that process! But if you’re wanting to hit the ground running with a toolkit of stones, here are some fantastics ones to get started with.

Crystal Toolkit - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

I’m going to bypass clear quartz (yes, you should buy that one) and go straight to rose quartz. Chances are you’re already familiar with rose quartz because you can find it in pretty much any major retail store. It’s incredibly common and as such, very affordable. Because it’s so easy to find, I want to expand on it’s properties so you can be mindful about what you’re purchasing – even if it’s just a facial roller from Sephora.

Rose quartz is best known as the stone of love but what people often forget is that self-love is the most important type. While rose quartz can be used to help you attract a lover into your life, it really helps facilitate any type of relationship because it is mostly tied to an open heart. Because of this, rose quartz is often associated with the steps you need to get to an open heart, which could be healing from heartbreak, forgiveness, and yes – self-love. it’s a great stone to wear as a necklace for optimal physical contact with your heart chakra.


Lapis Lazuli

As someone who is the polar opposite of a chatterbox, lapis lazuli (lapis for short) is an absolute favorite of mine. Associated with your throat chakra, keeping lapis on hand will help you in any situation where you want to communicate well, such as important work meetings, first-dates, or if you’re someone who is a bit shy around strangers – social gatherings. More than inspiring you to speak up, however, lapis allows you to see situations clearly so that what you’re saying is actually helpful and relevant. Especially if the conversation you’re about to have could be rough, this is a great stone to bring to make sure you’re not only speaking clearly…but listening clearly as well.

Start Your Crystal Toolkit with These 5 Stones


Money, money, money…money! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, citrine is a must-have for manifesting abundance. Citrine is the stone I have sitting on my desk at work because of its success-boosting abilities and in general, it’s a stone that brings allllll the good things. If you want to manifest a new job, it’s great to have next to you while you’re applying, or tuck it into your pocket while you’re interviewing (along with lapis, of course). If you want to use it to do well at your current job, have it on your desk. If you want to use it to attract prosperity, put it in the wealth corner of your home (southeast corner of any room). Citrine is definitely a must-have for bringing warmth and positivity into your life.

Crystal Toolkit - Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Another crystal of the quartz family, I first discovered the power of smoky quartz when I started using it to dissipate a toxic work environment. Similar to other stones like onyx or tourmaline, it’s great for repelling bad vibes which is especially helpful if you’re empathic or simply sensitive to the energy around you. Think of smoky quartz as your energetic shield. And if that doesn’t do it for you, just look at how hauntingly gorgeous it is!

Crystal Toolkit - Smoky Quartz by Just a Little Zen, the metaphysical blog


Because of it’s simple but powerful beauty, selenite is another stone that’s pretty easy to find particularly at smaller boutique and retail shops. One of the biggest strengths of this crystal is straightforward – it amplifies the power of other stones. Meaning it’s great to pair with other crystals during meditations, tarot readings, or in feng shui practices. Selenite has an ethereal quality about it which is probably why it’s also regarded as a connector to the angelic realm and therefore, great for trying to connect with your guides and similarly to smoky quartz, protect you from energies that could wish you harm. Often available for purchase as long rods, selenite is a wonderful housewarming gift for anyone!

Whether you decide to start with these, or simply let the crystals choose you the next time you’re in a metaphysical store, the most important thing is to just have an open mind. Sometimes, the most fun way to choose a crystal is to pick what attracts you and figure out the meaning later.

To learn more about some of my favorites, visit our Crystals and Stones tag.

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